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Our Services


Attention to Detail

The company's production facilities employ some of the most up to date computer numerically controlled machinery. Our continual growth has been determined by the ability to ensure a balance between product quality and the capacity for high volumes necessary to participate in major structural projects. SSEL employees a skilled workforce of platers, welders and paint sprayers and can manufacture steel work to any specification. The whole manufacturing process is closely monitored by our extensive quality control systems.

Structural Steelwork and Engineering LTD are proud to utilize within their facility with all the latest technology available from the world's leading supplier of steel fabrication equipment.

Urban Architecture Model

Estimating, Design and Drawings

Always Prepared

SSEL's estimating team have experienced knowledge of the industry to provide an estimate and programme that are both solid and competitive. Where necessary they will use their expertise to advise the client to guarantee the best results are achieved.

The company's Design & Drawing department prepare all drawings using Tekla Structures, the latest and leading program in the market for 3D steel work detailing, design and material listing systems.

A 3D model of the structure is created, including all the relevant information required for manufactured construction.

All drawings, material and bolt lists are produced automatically from the model. They are downloaded across the network, together with the data for the CNC fabrication equipment in the workshop. This means that the workshop productivity is increased and site erection performance is improved.


Erect and build

Expert Service

Structural Steel work and Engineering ltd employee a highly experienced and skilled workforce who are fully trained in health and safety best practice. Before the company begin on site,  their own site work Method Statement is developed which includes a detailed description of how the work is to be carried out, together with the necessary risk assessments and lifting plans. 

All erectors are fully informed and committed to the Method Statement before they work on site.

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